Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

Customer is considered to have read, understood and abide by the terms and conditions mentioned here under:

  • Services: 'Top Rated Tutors' is offering help in editing and proofreading for essays, assignment, dissertation and coursework.
  • Terms of Use: 'Top Rated Tutors' states that editing and proofreading work performed by of our editors is not permitted for copying or reproduction. Customer is only allowed to use for their personal reference.
  • Terms of Sale: 'Top Rated Tutors' is limited to offer the services of editing and proofreading only. This means 'Top Rated Tutors' checks the work submitted by its customers for grammar, punctuation, styling, content, spelling and other structural issues.
  • Privacy: 'Top Rated Tutors' makes its customer pre-informed that when they visit our site, then our system automatically detects customer’s location and that is saved in its system for security purposes.
  • Payment: 'Top Rated Tutors' is using fully secure and protected payment systems receiving payments through its Merchants, Bank Account and PayPal.
  • Information: 'Top Rated Tutors' assures its customers that their provided information will be kept confidential, and their information will only be used to communicate with them. Their information will only be disclosed to anyone if and when so required by the governing law.
  • Cancellation: 'Top Rated Tutors' provides a facility to its valued customer for cancellation of orders. Customers can cancel their order before company begins working on that. Once company’s editors have started their work, customer will no more be eligible to request cancellation of order; or to make any change in requirements.
  • Website Use: 'Top Rated Tutors' states that all information as available on its website is the property of the 'Top Rated Tutors'; hence visitors/customers are not permitted to copy.


  • To be eligible to seek revisions, customers are required to provide all necessary information at time of placing their order.
  • Customers are allowed to request for revisions of their paper within (7) days from the delivery of order.
  • Once (7) days time period expires, 'Top Rated Tutors' will assume customer as ‘satisfied with the work’ hence revision request option shall be no more available for the customer.
  • 'Top Rated Tutors' makes a firm commitment with its customer that in case we are not able to meet customer’s requirements as given in the order form, we will be responsible to give free revision(s) until customer gets satisfied.
  • 'Top Rated Tutors' hereby commits to deliver all revisions within the span of 48 hours only. However, if customer has placed an order with rush delivery timeline, then customer will be given their revision within 12 hours.
  • 'Top Rated Tutors' makes it clear here that in case customer requires additional work then that would be termed as.
  • Addition work and be charged (that will however depend upon the timeline and the type of work).


  • 'Top Rated Tutors' makes it clear to all customers that they have a timeline for claiming the refunds i.e. within 15 days from the date order delivery.
  • 'Top Rated Tutors' will be consider a refund-claim as qualified in case customer fails in assignment, essays and dissertations due to the issues left in work from our end.
  • 'Top Rated Tutors' states it clearly that it is at its sole discretion to determine the refund-amount that will be considered as qualified.
  • 'Top Rated Tutors' will process the refunded amount in a manner that customer may receive within the first 10-days of subsequent month.
  • 'Top Rated Tutors' states it clearly that orders having rush delivery timeline i.e. deadline within 48 hours; shall be termed as not covered by the refund policy. Accordingly, company will not accept any refund claim for those orders.